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PRH’s environmental footprint remained unchanged

Environmental responsibility comes under the UN Sustainable Development Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.

In addition to the environmental impacts of our premises, purchases and events, environmental responsibility also comprises other environmental impacts arising from our operations. These include the utilisation rate of our online services and the projects to promote digitalisation. Read more about the promotion of digitalisation.

Environmental responsibility also includes the patents we have granted and registered trademarks that are connected to sustainable development.

PRH’s environmental footprint or the negative impacts of our operations on the operating environment

Our premises at Sörnäisten rantatie 13 in Helsinki have been rented from Senate Properties, which continuously monitors the consumption of electricity, heating and other energy in the premises. We share the building with the State Treasury.

The PRH’s archives at Antinkatu 1 in Helsinki are located in a subleasing site where Senate Properties does not monitor energy consumption. However, as part of its facility management system, Senate Properties is also able to calculate the energy consumption of the sites not included in consumption monitoring.

Energy consumption of PRH’s premises

Electricity consumption in our premises at Sörnäisten rantatie 13 increased in 2022, whereas the consumption of heating and cooling was slightly lower than in the previous year.

Consumption data for 2022 (the figures for 2021 are given in brackets):

  • electricity: 374.60 MWh (347.31)
  • heating: 659.29 MWh (784.12)
  • cooling: 117.00 MWh (124.38)

The calculated estimate for energy consumption at Antinkatu 1 in 2022 is the same as in 2021. The consumption data for both years are as follows:

  • electricity per year: 36.35 MWh
  • heating per year: 80.68 MWh


As in 2021, the emissions generated by energy consumption at Sörnäisten rantatie 13 totalled zero kg because Senate Properties purchases carbon-neutral district heating and electricity generated with renewable energy. The district cooling supplied by Helen also generated zero emissions.

Estimated on the basis of Finland’s average electricity emission factor (Statistics Finland, average for the years 2019–2021), electricity consumption generated carbon dioxide emissions totalling 2,798 kg in 2022. Similarly, estimated on the basis of Helen’s 2022 district heating emission factor (223 g/kWh), the premises at Antinkatu generated emissions amounting to 17,989 kg. Thus, the emissions totalled about 21,000 kg.

The State Treasury is working on producing a central government carbon footprint assessment in cooperation with the group actors, and for this reason, the carbon footprint of the PRH is not discussed in this report in more detail.