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We worked to enhance the impact of stakeholder work

Stakeholder responsibility comes under the UN Sustainable Development Goal of Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions (16).

Our stakeholder work has a significant impact on our customers. In order to successfully carry out our tasks and services, we must engage in close interaction and cooperation with our stakeholders. Our key stakeholders include other government agencies, ministries, business organisations, Nordic and EU agencies in our sector as well as numerous partners.

In 2022, as part of our strategy process, we also considered the objectives of stakeholder work in the coming years so that we can work together to provide our customers with better services and smoother service chains.

We surveyed the views of our stakeholders

In autumn 2022, we asked our most important stakeholders to give their views on the PRH’s strategic priorities and corporate responsibility themes. We carried out an online survey in which 82 stakeholder representatives participated and interviewed 25 representatives of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, our sister agencies, organisations and other partners.

Our stakeholders considered cooperation the key prerequisite for the provision of smooth digital services for society at large. The PRH was viewed as a competent and good partner but at the same time, it was also seen as rather cautious. Respondents expected PRH to be more visible and more prepared to take part in joint projects.

Stakeholders considered our preliminary corporate responsibility targets fairly modest and self-evident. However, the three most important issues highlighted in the survey were the legality and fairness of our official decisions, digitalisation of the PRH’s services, enhanced digital maturity, and the timeliness of our register data.

New goals

Based on the feedback received from our stakeholders, we made our strategic and corporate responsibility targets more concrete so that there is now more emphasis on cooperation and networking. We selected ‘We influence online/More proactive PRH’ as one of our strategic programmes.

In accordance with the programme, the PRH will promote the impact of its stakeholder work and networking in the next few years in the following ways:

  • We will update our stakeholder strategy and policy and set out clear objectives for the work carried out in domestic and international networks.
  • We will work together to influence legislation in our sector so that regulation is simplified and the administrative burden on companies eased.
  • We will engage in extensive cooperation to enhance awareness of intellectual property rights (IPR), especially among small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • We will measure the extent, quality, partner satisfaction and impact of our networking so that we can provide better services for our customers and society at large.