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Close cooperation with stakeholders continued during the anniversary year

The PRH celebrated its 80th anniversary in 2022. The Finnish Patent and Registration Office was established in its current form during the World War II in 1942.

However, our history goes way back to 1835 when a separate body was established in the Imperial Finnish Senate (the government of the autonomous Finland) to administer the growing manufacturing activities in the country.

Many of the registers maintained by us are also older than the PRH: the Trademark Register was established in 1889, the Trade Register in 1896 and the Register of Associations in 1919.

Over the years, our field of activities in matters concerning enterprises and organisations has expanded. Cooperation with stakeholders, such as other government agencies and organisations supervising the interests of companies and other organisations, is also on a closer basis than in the past.

There is extensive cooperation at Nordic, European and global level, especially in matters concerning patents, trademarks and the trade register.

There were plenty of reasons to celebrate in 2022: the first Finnish patent was granted 180 years ago and the first Finnish utility model 30 years ago. Read more about the anniversary year of Finnish patents and utility models.

The Fin­nish Pa­tent and Re­gi­stra­tion Of­fice was es­tab­lis­hed in its cur­rent form in 1942 when the pa­tent and tra­de re­gis­ter de­part­ment of the then Mi­ni­stry of Tra­de and In­dus­try beca­me an in­de­pen­dent go­vern­ment agency.

Stakeholders urge PRH to take a more active approach

We started the overhaul of our strategy in the anniversary year. As we launched the process, we also consulted our stakeholders. Among other things, they urged the PRH to take a more active approach.

The feedback we have received from our stakeholders will encourage us to act in a more proactive manner and to do even better work for companies and organisations.

Rewarding successful businesses

In the 2022 Fennia Prize design competition, the PRH awarded an honourable mention and a prize of EUR 5,000 for successful use of intellectual property rights. The IPR Excellence honourable mention went to two companies: Genelec Oy and Mysoda Oy.

The PRH was represented in the prize jury of the nationwide new entrepreneur of the year competition. The jury selected the restaurant Bistro Holvi in Mikkeli as the new entrepreneur of the year 2022.

The jury of the 2022 Quality Innovation Award competition was chaired by Antti Riivari, Director General of the PRH. The aim of the competition is to boost the number and quality of innovations in Finland. The PRH has acted as the partner of the competition for several years.

The World In­tel­lec­tual Pro­per­ty Day is mar­ked glo­bal­ly on 26 April. In 2022, The Fin­nish event of the World In­tel­lec­tual Pro­per­ty Day was held in Oulu and the PRH was one of the event or­ga­ni­sers.