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Fewer Trade Register notifications were submitted

After several record years, the total number of Trade Register notifications decreased in 2022. The number of new companies established was slightly below the figures for 2021, and there was also a decline in the number of notifications of changes.

The large number of notifications submitted in 2021 led to longer average processing times. We took further measures during the year to reduce the processing backlog.

The Trade Register received fewer start-up notifications

There was a decline in the number of start-up notifications submitted to the Trade Register: In 2022, they totalled 38,665 compared to 41,491 in 2021.

Processed start-up notifications

The number of processed start-up notifications also decreased: In 2022, we processed 38,910 start-up notifications compared to 41,763 in 2021.

Processed notifications of changes

The number of processed notifications of changes decreased: In 2022, we processed 230,601 notifications of changes compared to 236,426 in 2021.

Processed notifications of beneficial owners

The number of processed notifications of beneficial owners increased slightly: In 2022, we processed 37,088 notifications of beneficial owners compared to 36,347 in 2021.

Enterprise mortgage affairs

The number of enterprise mortgage affairs submitted to the Trade Register remained at previous year’s levels: In 2022, they totalled 4,428 compared to 4,565 in 2021.

Preparations for the new Trade Register Act continued

After lengthy preparations, the Government proposal for the new Trade Register Act was submitted to Parliament in October 2022.

The aim of the new act is to achieve a situation where most of the Finnish Trade Register services are provided online and to improve the timeliness and reliability of the Trade Register.

New and updated online services

During the year, we worked to update the information service of the Business Information System (company and organisation search), which is one of the most widely used online services of the PRH. More than 20 million searches were made in the service in 2022.

The overhaul of the online filing service at made progress during the year. The new functions introduced in 2022 include the online filing of financial statements and responding to correction requests online in the online filing service at Substantial progress was also made during the year in the preparations of the new start-up notification service for limited liability companies. 

The process of overhauling the online filing at will continue in the coming years.

Demand for register extracts boosted by elimination of charges

Since August 2022, the electronic Trade Register extracts for enterprises and housing companies have been available free of charge. The elimination of the charges substantially boosted the demand for the extracts.

The change is based on an EU directive under which certain data on limited liability companies must be provided free of charge. In Finland, the electronic Trade Register extracts for all company forms are now available free of charge.

The extract contains the details of the company kept in the Trade Register and it can be downloaded in the PRH’s Virre information service.

Further progress in the Real-time Economy project

The Real-time Economy project progressed as planned. 

Progress was achieved in the use of online invoices and other digital documents, and descriptions of the real-time economy ecosystem were also prepared. As part of the project, a number of experiments were carried out and there was cooperation at European and Nordic level.

New training material and instructions as well as information about events, co-creation and experiments is regularly added to the project website link in a new tab.