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The number of new associations decreased

The number of notifications submitted to the Register of Associations increased compared to 2021. However, the number of new registered associations decreased from the previous year. The number of notifications submitted to the Register of Foundations remained at previous year’s levels.

There are nine categories of registered associations, and culture and sports have been the most popular categories for many years.

Registered new associations

There was a decrease in the number of new associations: In 2022, we registered 1,909 new associations compared to 2,155 in 2021.

Notifications of changes and dissolutions submitted to the Register of Associations

There was an increase in the number of change and dissolution notifications: In 2022, they totalled 29,741 compared to 27,412 in 2021.

Registered new foundations

The number of new foundations remained unchanged: A total of 28 new foundations were registered in 2022, the same number as in 2021.

Registered annual reports

The number of registered annual reports decreased: In 2022, we registered 2,574 annual reports compared to 2,723 in 2021.

Survey: Foundations are satisfied with oversight

In spring, the PRH commissioned a survey on the effectiveness of the oversight of foundations. About 80 per cent of the respondents were highly or very satisfied with the oversight as a whole, and the general view is that the oversight of foundations works well in Finland.

The oversight website was highlighted as the key development priority by the respondents.

The 430 foundations taking part in the survey represent a comprehensive cross-section of the foundations registered in Finland.

We prepared the survey in cooperation with the Association of Finnish Foundations.