Developing smart customer service

During the year, the PRH started testing the use of artificial intelligence in customer service. We built an AI-based automated chat service (chatbot) in a joint pilot project with the Finnish Immigration Service and the Finnish Tax Administration. For the first time, Finnish central government agencies are testing a joint chatbot service channel in customer service.

The PRH’s PatRek chatbot gives answers to the most common questions about starting a business. The service is in English and available on a 24/7 basis. Customers can also submit their questions to the chatbot of the Finnish Tax Administration or the Finnish Immigration Service.

Customer satisfaction again at high level

Despite rapid technological progress, people are still at the core of our customer service. In 2018, we again asked our customers to rate the PRH’s services. In our general customer satisfaction survey, the service attitude and expertise of our personnel received high marks and most of the respondents were satisfied with the quality of the services.

Our services are seen as easy to use and necessary: the scores were slightly below and above 4 (on a scale of 1 to 5).

During the year, the PRH carried out several customer surveys online, by means of text messaging and on paper forms and received a total of almost 4,000 answers to them. We would like to thank all those taking part in the surveys. The PRH will use your feedback to develop its operations.

Focus on data protection

In preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation of the EU (GDPR), which entered into force in May 2018, the PRH specified its practices. We also updated our privacy statements to conform with the requirements of the regulation. All this information is easily available on our website.

Because the PRH is a government agency carrying out a statutory task and its registers are, as a rule, publicly accessible, everybody has the right to view the information kept in them. In a small number of cases, disclosing information requires that the purpose of use is specified or (in direct marketing, for example) the data subject must give their permission for the disclosure.

Each individual entered in the registers kept by the PRH can, easily and free of charge, check the data stored on them in the registers.


Take a look at the chatbot service for foreign entrepreneurs in Finland