Job satisfication above the target

Job satisfaction at the PRH was at an all-time high during the year and in the central government’s VM Baro survey, the overall figure for the agency rose to 3.9 (on a scale of 1 to 5). This was above the target.

The operating culture, work content, influence opportunities, employer image, and values were some of the PRH’s strengths highlighted in the survey.

Satisfaction with workspaces and opportunities for effective work were the only areas where a decline was recorded. Changes in the work environment and work methods have probably had an effect on the results because the year 2018 was our first full year in the new multi-space office. On the basis of the feedback, we improved the premises and the rules of working in them.

Work atmosphere survey results 2017-2018, scale 1-5. All results in 2018 were better than in 2017. The survey viewed overall job satisfication, the management's performance in setting an example and pointing out the right direction, the management's performance in organising work and the PRH as a good place to work.

Increase in staff recruitments

The number of new staff members recruited to the PRH increased substantially compared to 2017. We published twice as many job advertisements as in the previous year. Most of the new staff members were recruited to expert tasks.

Total number of personnel in person-years 2018: 400,25. Patents and trademarks: 172,11. Enterprises and corporations: 127,35. Customer services and communications: 45,63. Shared services 38,31. Auditor oversight: 16,86.


We are updating our operating culture

In spring 2017, the PRH launched an operating culture project as part of the implementation of its new strategy announced in 2018.

In September, as part of the project, we carried out a personnel survey in which nearly two thirds of the PRH staff members took part.

Most of the results were extremely good. According to the survey, our operating culture is particularly well suited for the active development and sharing of expertise and for placing trust on personnel. However, there is still room for improvement in the uniformity of our operating practices.

We will continue the development of our operating culture using such tools as workshops and lean training.