Development of auditor oversight continued

During 2018, we continued the development of auditor oversight systems and services. We digitalised the maintenance of the Register of Auditors and functions that are connected with the oversight aimed at ensuring that the prerequisites for auditor authorisation and the professional skills of auditors can be maintained.

Preparation of the quality manual continued as part of our quality work.

We worked to enhance the effectiveness of auditor oversight by arranging quality sessions for auditors and discussion events on how to develop the sector. We also published an annual report on investigation matters concerning auditors’ activities and on the results of quality inspections.

Auditor examinations
Authorsations of auditors and audit firms: 79 in 2018, 128 in 2017. Cancellations of authorisations of auditors: 128 in 2018, 158 in 2017. Quality inspection decision pertaining: 88 in 2018, 229 in 2017. Decisions by Auditor Oversight: 22 in 2018, 15 in 2017.