The new Finnish Trademarks Act entered into force

The new Trademarks Act entered into force in May 2019. With the new act, a number of changes were introduced in the trademark application and registration process.

Applications for trademark registrations and renewals must now be filed online.

We also introduced two new online services: an application concerning a registered trademark and a service in which an application can be supplemented and a response to an office action submitted.

Under the new act, the application for the revocation and invalidation of a trademark can be submitted to the PRH in an administrative procedure. Bringing an action before the Market Court is still offered as an alternative to the new administrative procedure.

The PRH no longer announces changes to registered trademarks (such as renewals, reductions in the scope of protection, or transfers) in the Finnish Trademark Gazette.

Only minor changes in the number of applications

There was a slight reduction in the number of national trademark applications. At the same time, the number of international registrations with Finland as a designated country increased from 2018.

The number of national design applications also increased compared to 2018.